come dine with me team-building

Mill End Mitcheldean offers facilities for come dine with me type team-building and dining – there are three kitchens on site, with the upper malt house kitchen being most suited to main courses (and the space to eat and enjoy the meals obviously!).  The lower malt house is equipped predominantly with baking in mind, and has a Patissier mixer, various baking trays, cake tins and cutters, a cookie press, doughnut maker and small mini muffin maker.  And George Cottage has everything for tapas, canapés and starters.

upper malt house kitchen (2)
lower malt house kitchen (2)
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crew accommodation & production space

Mill End Mitcheldean is ideal for crew accommodation, and can offer in house slow food suppers and breakfasts to go.  It also has off street parking, dedicated wifi, day-time access and large spaces for groups to meet and discuss progress of jobs.  Please visit the crew accommodation page on the Mill End Mitcheldean web-site for details of this.


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get up & go breakfasts

If staying at Mill End Mitcheldean and filming elsewhere in the Forest of Dean, get up and go breakfasts can be delivered to the production office – either as a breakfast buffet, or as individually wrapped breakfast hot dogs, breakfast buns, local yoghurts, fresh fruit and local granola pots.

Enquire for details.